Get pumped, inspired and chilled all in one go with this week’s Synchedin Spotlight. It’s the synth wonderland, Real Girl by our very own Valdi Sabev!

Valdi Sabev is a multitalented composer and music producer hailing from Bulgaria. When he isn’t busy being a web developing wizard (thank this guy for Synchedin!), he pumps out reams of fantastic electronic music.

With a focus on chill out music, Valdi’s interest in spirituality audibly spills over into his productions. This is very much the case with Real Girl, which is a beautiful 90s trance throwback.

We are eased into the track via bright, twinkling synth leads and an ambient foundation. Electric drums and bass splash into the mix, providing a pumping yet unobtrusive beat. Delicacy comes in the form of sublimely smooth vocals, helping push the euphoric feeling so loved in trance.

Sections are defined by textural changes; the drums drop out, the synth layers build until the crescendo is marked with the return of a thumping beat. Real Girl is full of those eye-closed moments, and expertly transports you to the rave. Just as we are built up by the track, we are also lightly cooled down by it. Sustained chords and that ethereal pad leaves us feeling chilled out and completely satisfied.

Real Girl is the perfect track to lead you into the weekend and lift the spirits.

To keep up with Valdi’s work, give him a follow on Instagram or SoundCloud. You can hear more of his music on Spotify and YouTube too!