Portland indie rockers Spooky Boys have a brand-new EP out, where surf rock anthem U Turn lands them as this week’s Synchedin Spotlight.

Hailing from the Pacific North West of America, Portland based indie rock band Spooky Boys emerged roughly a year and a half ago. Debuting with their single Milk Money on their SoundCloud, the Spooky Boys quickly began ramping up their gigs.

It wasn’t long after before the gang released their debut self-titled EP at the end of November 2021. This features 3 stylistically solidifying tracks, which are still proving to be popular on the band’s Spotify page.

This week’s Synchedin Spotlight, U Turn, is the 2nd track off their eclectic latest EP, Which Ways Up. Their EP was released shortly after the release of the more chilled out, downtempo single British Columbia.

It was genuinely challenging to select just one track to write about off this EP! Freshly released via the Spirit Goth / birthdiy label, this remarkable 2nd EP features absolute bangers from cover to cover. While Le Telephone and Hi Lite are both securely composed, feel good, almost reminiscently Britpop anthems, there’s something the whole team here at Synchedin love about the fun-filled surf rock anthem that is U Turn.

We think U Turn would be the perfect accompaniment to sync with sports compilations, YouTube montages, or your very own coming of age indie blockbuster.

You can download all of Spooky Boys’ latest EP, Which Ways Up, exclusively from Synchedin.

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