The sun’s come out, and we can almost taste afternoons at beach bars. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is the mellow Watch Me (feat. Sit Comfy) by Will Eason!

22 year old London based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Will Eason combines his background in jazz and funk with his keen interest in electronic music and beats. Creating gorgeous tracks with clean guitar licks and chilled beats is very much in his wheelhouse.

Watch Me is a beautiful example of this fusion, featuring funky guitar rhythms, jazz melodies and a gentle smattering of hip hop. The track bursts into life with bouncy major chords, before moving into the verse. Backed by lounge-like piano and rim shots aplenty, the song reveals its drifting, relaxing nature. The chorus adopts more of that funk-esque rhythm guitar and gains movement from scalic lead guitar licks. It has all the joyfully lazy energy of a sundowner at a beach bar in the middle of summer.

A pleasant surprise, adding to the list of musical styles blended together to create this track, is the hip hop section. The rap provides an element of introspective reflection and hints at stresses that are soon to be let go of. Although the pace is brought down, the accompanying instrumental maintains a lightness. Ultimately reinforcing the idea that relaxing is key, we’re taken back into the chorus for a final time. Feeling sun-soaked from neat close harmonies, it’s difficult not to feel blissed out by the end of this song.

The seasons are changing and we could all use a little relaxation, which is exactly why we’ve picked Watch Me as this week’s Synchedin Spotlight!

You can check out more from jazz/funk/soul fusion goodness from Will Eason by heading to his SoundCloud or YouTube channel. If you want to keep up with his latest antics, give him a follow on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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