Skillshare is an amazing online learning community filled with educational videos. Check out the best Skillshare podcast classes here!

Getting Your Podcast Off the Ground!

This podcast class run by Neil Patel will walk you through the process of creating & promoting your own podcast. The podcast format has vastly grown in popularity in recent years. If you’ve got a big idea you want to share with the world, this class is perfect for getting to grips with the basics.

Podcasting Secrets: How to Start Your Own Podcast

You’ll be in good hands with Nicaila Matthews Okome, a podcast coach and host. Her class will help you to refine your topic and ideas, teach you about recording and how to attract your target audience. So, all bases covered in one place! If you need help choosing the right mic for recording your voice, check out our handy article.

Improve Your Interviewing Skills for Podcasts

A huge aspect of podcasting is interviewing. This is one of the podcast classes on our list that focus mainly on just that. In this class Duncan Koerber teaches you to illuminate a new topic, tell someone’s amazing story, and stand out from the millions of interview recordings on the Internet.

How to Mix Audio for Podcast in Logic Pro X

Tomas George, music & audio production instructor, takes you through how to mix sound and voice to a professional level. This Skillshare podcast class looks specifically at using Logic Pro X, although other DAWs are available for podcasting. If you’re a total beginner then not to worry! Tomas explains how to navigate all aspects of voice recording, from EQ and compression to exporting.

Podcast Marketing: How to Grow Your Audience

Amanda McLoughlin guides you through properly marketing your podcast in her Skillshare class. This course will help you figure out how to find and connect with your audience, but also how to entice strangers into listening. By the end of the hour, you will have a comprehensive and actionable marketing plan for your podcast.

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