They say first impressions count, and this can be applied to most things. Check out where to get great music for podcast intros here!

You’ve spent hours and hours conjuring up a solid idea for an exciting podcast. You’ve taken weeks of painstaking work to bring your idea to fruition. Money has been invested in decent podcasting equipment, and maybe you’ve even taken some podcast classes on Skillshare to really hone your skills. Do you sense a “but” coming? There’s always a “but”.

BUT (whoomp, there is it), if the opening of your podcast falls flat, you’re going to lose listeners before it’s even really begun. One key thing that makes podcast intros engaging and interesting is music.

Why Music?

Just as music is important in film, it is important in solely audio-based projects too. Visual scenes without music can feel stale or even awkward. Although there is no video to set the music to, with a podcast there is still a scene to be set. If you’re listening to a podcast that focusses on aspirational thinking and positive affirmations, you’d expect to hear some pretty upbeat, cheerful music. A silent-but-for-the-host’s-voice introduction doesn’t exactly set a positive, energised tone.

Another reason why incorporating music into your intro is paramount is the memorability-factor. Chucking a hooky melody in at the start of your episodes is going to increase the potential of you becoming an earworm for anyone who might have stumbled upon your podcast. Lodging your intro music into the subconscious of somebody is going to increase the likelihood of them coming back to look for you.

Find Music for Podcast Intros

At Synchedin we believe in everyone being given the opportunity to share their creativity and vision. Which is why we’ve created a huge library of awesome royalty free music, all with the sync license covered. You can download all tracks in a variety of formats to suit your needs, and have full claims control, so no copyright issues down the line.

You can filter the Synchedin library by genre, mood and more, making your search for the perfect intro music easier. Stream all tracks for free and create your own playlists, or subscribe for just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per annum to download unlimited tracks. Once you’ve downloaded a track it is yours to use forever, no extra fees!