King of royalty free music, Kevin MacLeod appears on many projects. Ahead of the expanded edition, let’s check out his work on The Stanley Parable!

First released in 2011, The Stanley Parable is an avant-garde interactive drama game. It was designed and written by the developers Davey Wreden and William Pugh. The game’s first iteration was as an addition to Half-Life 2, as a free modification. It then became a standalone game, with the remake including upgraded graphics as well as new story elements. This was approved via Steam Greenlight in 2012, and released for Microsoft Windows the following year. The game includes themes such as choice in-game, the relationship between game creator and player, and predestination/fate.

The story of The Stanley Parable has a “main path”, which the narrator urges you to stick to, although the player can make decisions straying from this. If so, the narrator will adjust the story accordingly. The original 2011 version of the game had 6 different endings. The 2013 remake had over 10, and the expanded remake, The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, set to release this year, will expand on these endings further.

Kevin MacLeod‘s track, Who Likes To Party featured on the 2013 edition of The Stanley Parable. The synth laden, funky, upbeat song played in the credits on the Main Menu of the game. It also features is players perform the Secret Disco, an Easter egg nestled within the game.

The groovy, retro track juxtaposes the tense and dystopian nature of the game. The Easter egg also features messages from the developers, like “William hides the best secrets”.

If you’re a game developer, you can use songs from Kevin MacLeod’s extensive catalogue too!

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