TikTok video length can vary from 15 to 60 seconds, but they’re now being tested at three minutes. Is this a good move or not?

A giant in social media now, TikTok gained its popularity as a platform for sharing snappy, witty video shorts. Designed to produce countless viral sensations, this platform plays into the seemingly ever-decreasing attention span of its generation Z audience. Instagram recently introduced reels in an attempt to compete with the scrollable short video platform, but TikTok remains on top.

With the new three-minute videos just being tested currently, it’s difficult to know how they will be received. So far, the general feeling is that TikTok is so great because it restricts video length. Users are forced to be funny and witty concisely, making the scrolling experience enjoyable rather than a dull trawl. Is TikTok trying to tap into YouTube’s audience? Longer TikTok videos may open up a world of opportunities – quick how-to’s or tutorials, or more substantial comedy skits – or it could create a new sea of banality for users to wade through.

Only time will tell, but this new change to TikTok’s video length could spell a change in how to select music for your videos. Fortunately, at Synchedin we have an array of tracks for you to choose from. Whether your video is 15 seconds of 15 minutes, check out our catalogue, and you’re guaranteed to find something perfect!