Adding music to your podcast will give it a slick, professional feel. Check out where to find music for podcasts right here!

The popularity of podcasts has shot up in recent years. With around 2 million podcasts available on Spotify, you can pretty much find a podcast for any occasion now. And what’s great is that anyone can have a go at creating one. All you need is a great idea and a decent microphone, and you’re away!

But, just like a TV show or film, using music in podcasts is important for a variety of reasons. Reeling a listener in with intro music or setting the scene with a track are both key reasons. Sadly, you cannot use any music you like in your podcast. If you use a number one hit without permission or the appropriate license you run the risk of getting into legal trouble regarding the copyright. This is where Synchedin has got you covered! All the tracks within the Synchedin catalogue are royalty free and have the sync license covered, meaning you can use them freely within your podcasts for just the price of a subscription!

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