Music has the power to make or break a video, so finding the right background music is important. Here’s where you can find the best TikTok Royalty Free Music.

Have a plan

You don’t need to have the final product totally crystallised in your mind, but it will definitely help to keep the rough goal in your head when searching for audio. Asking yourself questions like, “what do I want my video to say?”, “who is my audience?” and “what format is my video going to be?” will help dictate the style and feel of the music you are going to want to use.

When creating videos for TikTok, you’re going to want to convey the theme and feel in a concise and speedy fashion, as well as make your video memorable. This means probably choosing catchy, fun music that will hook into your viewers’ brains.

Get Inspired

Research pays off on almost any kind of creative endeavour. Giving yourself context and a solid base of knowledge will enable you to make informed decisions about your project, and likely cause it to appear more professional and considered by the end. Watch videos similar to the one you are making, and make note of the kind of music you hear. Is it music you expected to hear, or has something different been used for effect?

Even when making short TikTok videos, it can be beneficial to take note of films and other types of videos soundtracks. It may be a good idea to stick to traditional soundtrack choices if you are shooting for a stylistically traditional video, e.g. the use of Western Classical music in Jane Austen adaptations or similar. However, impact and interest can be created when using music that may be non-traditional to the video content. For example, the series Peaky Blinders, set in post-war Birmingham in 1919, features and incredibly cool soundtrack of modern day rock bands, outlaw-ish folk, and various Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds covers. This anachronistic music breathes a real energy into the story, makes you feel more connected to the characters, and is a fantastic example of using music innovatively to elevate your video.

Browse & Play

If you’ve had a think about your final vision, had a watch of some similar projects but still aren’t sure what sound to go for, simply take an aural wander! Synchedin have a brilliant library of playlists that are already categorised, to make choosing music for your projects simpler and more enjoyable. You can listen to each of the tracks from some wonderful artists and composers such as Kevin Macleod and Borrtex for free before making the decision on what you want to download. Being able to filter your search by category, genre and even instruments makes our hand-picked library super easy to navigate.

With playlists like Cinematic, Soundscapes and Ambient – all royalty free and with the sync license covered – it’s easy to see why using Synchedin is a great way to find the best royalty free music for your video projects.