Camila Cabello presents Familia: Welcome to the Family. The inventive TikTok gig that airs live a day before her forthcoming album is released!

The Grammy award-nominated, platinum singer/songwriter is celebrating the release of her forthcoming album, Familia with an immersive performance on TikTok. The live set will include the first-ever live performances of songs from the album, plus plenty of cool choreography and set changes. You can catch the TikTok gig on @CamilaCabello at 4pm PT/7pm ET on April 7th. Alternatively, you can watch one of the 3 rebroadcasts. Here’s the full schedule:

  • Rebroadcast 1. (US/CA/LATAM): Friday April 8th @ 4pm PT/7pm ET
  • Rebroadcast 2. (APAC/AUS): Saturday April 9th @ 8pm MYT/9pm JP/10pm AEST
  • Rebroadcast 3. (UK/EU/Africa): Saturday April 9th @ 11am PT/7pm BST

This TikTok gig is one to watch, since it features innovative XR (extended reality), and lots of attention to detail in its production. The performance has been created using clever visual effects that augment Camila’s singing and choreography. It’s a chance for fans to see her creativity brought to life in a completely new way.

As a very active TikTok user, with over 15.3 m followers, Camila’s performance announcement came as very welcome news. With the performance being broadcast a day before Familia is released, this TikTok content will be an eye-popping first look at the album.

Bam Bam is the first single to be released from the album. It sees the singer reunited with pop songwriting stalwart, Ed Sheeran. Together with Ricky Reed, the pair wrote the tune, which was also produced by Ricky Reed, Edgar Barerra, and Cheche Alara. This song was teased on TikTok before it was officially released on the 4th of March. That teaser post has racked up 51.6 million views!

TikTok has become increasingly involved in the goings-on of the music industry. The BRIT awards utilised fan voting on TikTok for its 2022 ceremony. As the platform continues to grow, we can expect to see more stars hosting online shows and TikTok gigs moving forward.