If you’re a multi-talented musician and vlogger looking to share your skills, we’re here to help. Here’s how to add chord diagrams to your videos!

YouTube is home to billions of videos, and content spanning just about ever type and genre you could dream of. It’s so much more than a source of entertainment these days. It’s also a powerful and free educational tool. Whenever a new skill is to be learnt, so many of us immediately hop onto YouTube.

One area that occupies a large space on the video sharing site is tutorials. Swathes of people spend their time-sharing their skills as well as their content on the platform. You can find craft tutorials of all sorts, as well as countless cooking channels. There’s also a plethora of music tutorials.

If you’re a guitarist, or perhaps you can shred on the ukulele, you might be keen to add some music tutorials to your channel. You’ll be pleased to know that you do not need excessive video editing prowess to be able to create a good tutorial video.

One important aspect of a guitar tutorial is the clear demonstration of chords. Some people get by fine with being told it’s a C major chord, and figuring it out by looking at the player’s finger positions. However, people want to learn things in the easiest way possible. In order to compete with all the other tutorials out there, you should add chord diagrams to make your audience’s lives easier.

How to Add Chord Diagrams

The way you add chord diagrams to your videos will vary slightly depending on which video editing software you use. Fortunately, it tends to remain a wonderfully straightforward process across the majority of options!

You will need to either create the diagrams yourself, or you can source them from somewhere else online – though you should make sure you have permission to use these images if they are not your own.

Once you have sourced the diagrams you would like to use, you will need to import them to your video project in whichever software you are using.

Figure out where in the video you would like the diagrams to appear – this would be in line with the corresponding chord in most situations – and overlay them onto the main footage. You’ll be able to choose what type of overlay, and the one you’ll want is picture in picture. You can then choose where your diagram will appear within the video, and how long it will display for.