One of the many roles of real estate agents is putting together virtual tours. Here’s where to download the best royalty free real estate music!

Things have changed drastically in the world of real estate since the pandemic, with video tours replacing physical viewings. Because of this, making sure you’re creating beautiful and engaging videos to show off a place has never been more important.

Using video is a solid way to get an edge on competitor real estate agencies. You can use videos for virtual tours, open house demos, marketing promotion, video listings and more. Adding music to videos is important for a number of reasons. It elevates the visual content, help grab attention, and gives videos a professional feel.

You can’t add any old music you like though, as you will need to have the proper licensing. That’s why opting for royalty free real estate music is a great move.

Different genres often connotate certain things. For instance, upbeat popular music is great for accompanying modern city apartments. Whereas, gentle acoustic tracks are perfect with tours of quiet, peaceful retirement properties. You’ll need to be selective about the kind of music you pick, in order to best show off the property you are advertising. Fortunately, searching for the appropriate track has been made simple…

At Synchedin, you can search through a huge library of brilliant royalty free music by filtering the mood and genre. We want to make finding background music straightforward for everyone, including real estate agents. This is why we’ve made it possible to stream our entire catalogue for free. So, if you’re boosting your marketing reach with YouTube Live or Instagram Live streams, you need not sit in awkward silence!

If you plan on adding your virtual tours to YouTube, you can use any track from our catalogue, and you won’t incur any copyright strikes. All music from Synchedin comes with the sync license covered and no hidden fees. Sign up for free today, or subscribe for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per annum for unlimited downloads.