If you’re a festival lover who videos their antics, you’ll need some fun music to soundtrack the footage. Here’s where to find the perfect music for your summer YouTube content!

When we go to festivals in the wonderfully capricious and unpredictable British summertime, we expect to hear lots of amazing music. The same also goes if you’re lucky enough to attend festivals in predictably warm and sunny climes.

Whether it’s for posterity or to share the experience with those who couldn’t attend, you might enjoy documenting your festival fun on video. Festivals make for perfect vlog series content, and can be a great way to increase views, sharing footage of popular artists and events.

Coachella took place last month, with YouTube covering proceedings. The Californian festival is notorious for attracting influencers and social media stars. You’ll be able to find endless footage of the festival on YouTube or TikTok.

If Coachella and the desert isn’t quite your speed, maybe you were lucky enough to bag a ticket to Glastonbury. Having to take a couple of years, due to the pandemic, this year’s Glasto has been heavily anticipated. The staple of UK festivals will see around 200,000 people trudge through mud and wade through crowds to catch artists old and new.

Whichever festival you make it to, your video will need a musical backdrop. It would sound like common sense to use the music of artists at the festival. However, you’d need to ask their permission first, or risk getting a copyright claim on YouTube. If you were hoping to earn money on YouTube with your festival footage, this isn’t what you want.

YouTube Friendly Music for Festival Videos

Synchedin offers a huge library of awesome royalty free music that you can use alongside your festival content. With the sync license covered, you’ll be able to use tracks in all kinds of projects, without worrying about any of the copyright stuff.

With royalty free, you only pay for a track once (or pay a subscription for loads of tracks!), rather than paying for every time it gets played.

If you want to license and mainstream track, you could end up in a drawn out discussion with record companies, who ask you to pay thousands of dollars. If you’re a YouTuber just starting out, this isn’t going to be the ideal option for you.

You can find the perfect track to soundtrack your summer festival sessions on Synchedin. Use the helpful filter options, which let you search for music by genre, mood, vocals, instruments, and sub-genre.

Save your favourite finds by creating your own collections, so the songs you want to use are never far from hand.

Get a taste for tracks by streaming them for free, or access unlimited downloads by subscribing for either $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year!