Student filmmakers don’t always have the biggest budget for music. Here’s where you can find affordable royalty free music for your projects!

There are a few things to consider when looking for music for videos. The mood, style and audience of your film are key factors to consider. It requires a decent amount of thought, as music in film is so important. But, as with most endeavours, your budget tends to have a firm grip on the tiller. If you have financial constraints, as many students do, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality.

Why Royalty Free?

Understandably, when you finish a project you’re going to want to share your work with your fellow student filmmakers and the world. But, as soon as you share something containing music that isn’t properly licensed, you could run into trouble. You need to obtain the appropriate permissions and licenses, like a sync license, in order to use music in films. Licensing each track individually can quickly become expensive, particularly when it comes to popular songs. Rather than opting for this pricey method, you can source music from royalty free sites.

Royalty free music is music that can be used without a fee, or royalties, needing to be paid upon each use. Although, this does not mean it is completely free to use in terms of cost, it does mean there won’t be any complicated copyright issues down the line. You can, however, get hold of royalty free music for a very affordable and manageable price.

Music for Student Filmmakers

Enter, Synchedin! We’ve created a subscription based platform that we believe is more in line with the modern day content creator and independent visionary. We love that people from all corners of life are able to create art and share it with the rest of the planet, and we don’t want budgets getting in the way of that.

By subscribing for just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per annum, you can get download access to a huge library of awesome music, all with the sync license covered. You will have full claims control, and any tracks you download are yours to use in your project forever – even after your subscription expires! So, when you’re trying to find the perfect cinematic music for your next film project, don’t forget to check out the site. If you come across tracks that you love but don’t quite fit your current film, you can always save them in your own playlist for later.

All great films need sound effects too! You can get your hands on loads of high quality SFX for free on Synchedin, making adding Foley to your film a breeze. Of course, you could have a go at creating your own SFX if you’ve got some pots and pans lying around – or even fruit and veg! But if you have looming deadlines and a hundred projects to juggle, just head to the Synchedin SFX catalogue.