As an independent creator, making use of exclusive content can help bolster your income. Here’s where you can host Patreon videos affordably!

Anyone who has tried to make a living through their creative passion knows it’s no walk in the park. Whether that’s vlogging on YouTube and earning money for it, or working as a freelance videographer. In order to make it work, you often need to have several reliable streams of income set up. One popular way that creators earn money is through Patreon.

Patreon is a subscription based platform for content creators to share their work and connect with fans for a monthly fee. Patrons can choose the tier of subscription they want, with lower priced ones giving less access than higher tiers.

Since Patreon currently doesn’t host video directly on their site, you’ll need to find somewhere you can host video externally. Fortunately, Patreon is working on becoming self-sufficient, and hosting video itself.

There are a number of options out there in terms of video hosting. Some are free, and some require payment. We’ve listed the best places you can host Patreon videos, that won’t eat into your time or budget.


Vimeo is the top hosting platform actually suggested by Patreon itself. Upload and securely share your videos with patrons without leaving your Patreon page. When you sign up for a Vimeo paid plan, you can upload video directly to Patreon with Vimeo’s top-notch privacy settings and provide fully protected video posts to patrons.

It’s important to note that recently, creators with higher bandwidth usage have been contacted by Vimeo to arrange higher payment plans. If you’re an independent creator who puts out lots of video but doesn’t have much cash to splash, this may not be the best option for you.


Streamable offers fast uploading with simple editing and embedding. The mid-tier, and most popular payment plan is a reasonable $12.99 per month. This gives you 2TB of cloud storage, no ads on your videos, and no limits to video size or length.

Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream is a live-streaming and on-demand video platform, which can ingest, encode, record, and play videos from one unified product. End-to-end storage, encoding and streaming with a robust API for high-bandwidth creators. 


Wistia is a complete video hosting platform aimed predominantly at marketers. However, it is a highly customisable player with tools to engage audiences with video and understand viewer behaviour. 


Robust privacy controls, best-in-class customer support, and no annual contracts. SproutVideo lets you share video securely, allows you to customise the player, all whilst keeping track of your content’s performance and audience’s habits.


VidYard offers interactive polls, custom versions of videos, and detailed reporting, priced by embeds not bandwidth. With free sign up, you can get started right away. Easy drag and drop video uploading makes this site a breeze when it comes to hosting your Patreon videos.