The last thing you want when sharing an awesome video is a pesky copyright notification. Learn where to find music for YouTube videos without copyright problems!

Picture the scene: you’ve carefully recorded your footage, spent hours painstakingly editing to perfection. You’ve come up with the best title for your video, and optimised the flip out of things during the upload process. Everything’s looking amazing, it’s the best YouTube video you’ve ever created. The video is published, ready for the public to feast their eyes on your latest work.

Then, you get hit with a copyright notification. Ugh.

You might be sat feeling frustrated and wondering why this happened. You either aren’t sure what triggers these sorts of notifications, or you thought you’d found audio that wouldn’t cause this to happen. Let’s break down what could be going on here.

Copyright Claims & Strikes

You will receive and copyright claim if your video features a copyrighted asset, such as a piece of music, that is registered on the YouTube content ID system.

The triggering of a claim can be done automatically through the system. Or the company that the copyright holder has registered their assets to content ID through can do it manually. If not already, the video is then monetized and the earnings will be paid to the copyrighted asset owner.

A copyright strike is a little different and, of the two notifications, more serious. It’s unlikely you’ll receive a strike before a claim, so don’t panic!

The best way to avoid copyright claims and strikes is to use audio you definitely have the permission to use. This generally means finding music for YouTube videos from reputable and reliable sources.

No Copyright Music

You may be staring at a dreaded copyright notification because you’ve used no copyright music, and something’s gone awry.

Unless the music is public domain, or not on the content ID system, it could still trigger a claim. Sourcing music from sites or YouTube channels that claim it’s no copyright can be risky business. You’re putting a lot of trust in whoever runs the site/channel, and sometimes people simply don’t understand the copyright and licensing rules.

Royalty Free Music & Claims

The best type of music for YouTube videos, if you’re a savvy creator, is royalty free music. Whilst this type of music isn’t copyright free, it is the safest and most wallet-friendly method of sourcing music.

Usually obtained via a subscription to a dedicated website, you can pay a small fee which allows you to download, use, and enjoy tracks to your heart’s content. The “free” aspect of royalty free refers to the fact you do not have to pay out each time the track is used – for instance, in a commercial or film showing. This is in contrast to paying for sync licensing and music licensing on a one time basis or for mainstream tracks – which is expensive business.

Because royalty free music is copyrighted, and that copyright has to belong to someone, it can still generate claims on YouTube.

Well, that’s dumb. Why would anyone want to use it in their YouTube videos, then?

Ah, I’m glad you asked.

It’s best to use royalty free music from a subscription site that also controls the copyright for those musical assets. Doing this ensures the site can promptly release claims on your and the musical artist’s behalves. That means you don’t lose out on any potential revenue whilst waiting around for third parties to release the claim. And, even then, it’s not a guarantee that the claim will actually be released.

Best Music for YouTube Videos

So, you know that you’re better off with royalty free music over no copyright music. And you’re safer sourcing that music from somewhere that also controls the copyright. But, where do you find this holy grail of content creation?

Synchedin is proudly partnered with RouteNote, meaning that we have a strong relationship with YouTube. Pair this with a seriously in-depth knowledge of the content ID system, and you get a speedy and straightforward service when it comes to releasing claims.

We promise to release claims generated by any music you download from Synchedin within 48 hours – much faster than any other site. Our handy FAQ page has lots of useful information about content ID. We’re also happy to help answer any questions you might have, simply get in touch at

You can subscribe to Synchedin for either $49.99 per year, or opt for the flexible monthly option at just $4.99 per month.

We’ve put together a fantastic collection dedicated to Music for YouTube Videos, to help get your inspiration flowing!

Synchedin Benefits

There are more benefits to being a Synchedin subscriber than full claims control.

  • Quality – when you choose our royalty free music, you know that all tracks are the high quality needed to match the pro standard of your content. Every song goes through a careful moderation process, overseen by only the keenest of eyes and ears.
  • Unlimited downloads – pick not one, not two, but as many tracks to download as you like. There’s no cap on this, so you have unlimited downloads of every single track in the Synchedin music library.
  • Independent artists – having a Synchedin subscription means you’re supporting independent artists and creatives. We’re dedicated to providing creators like yourself, and musicians, with more opportunities and more ways to make a living through creativity.

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