The Synchedin SFX catalogue is always growing, and now you can get political with an amazing range of presidential speeches!

Whether you’re putting together a podcast or working on a new YouTube video, adding sound effects is a great way to add entertainment value. Not all SFX have to be slide whistles, old timey car horns or any of the other corny radio station sounds that come to mind.

Since launching the SFX platform, we have been adding a whole host of different SFX for creators to use on their projects. Our latest batch of uploads comes in the form of an impressive collection of American presidential speeches. Ranging from addresses by Franklin Roosevelt in 1940, right up to Joe Biden’s inaugural address earlier this year.

If you’ve been missing Trump’s dulcet tones and judicious insights, you can hear him heading up the Coronavirus Task Force Briefing 2020, amongst others. For more historical sound bites, perfect for educational podcasts or even finer details in films, you can download President Truman presenting the Truman Doctrine in 1947.

These SFX range from being minutes to hours long. The amount of political clips and public address snippets you can gather from these SFX is huge. And the best part? They’re free. All our presidential speeches SFX are under the creative commons license, so you don’t need to pay a thing for them. Don’t say we’re not good to you!

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