Whether you’re looking for content inspiration, or just something different to watch, here are some of the most popular videos on YouTube!

YouTube started off in February 2005, and since then it’s become an integral part of modern life. We use it to teach ourselves new skills, connect with people around the world, as well as share stories and video content. The site is responsible for the launching of numerous content creator careers, with some creators earning enough through the platform to live lavish lifestyles.

Whilst earning big bucks might take a while, it isn’t impossible. Anyone can earn money through YouTube, so long as they meet the requirements. This all centres around gaining subscribers and increasing views. If your dream is to become a successful YouTuber, it might be wise to check out what content is already doing well. Taking a look at what’s come before lets you know what audiences respond well to, and can inform your next content creation moves.

We’ve put together some of the most watched, most popular videos on YouTube, to give you some inspiration. Of course, with views accumulating all the time, the ranking may have changed. However, each video listed here has been massively successful on the site.

10. Gangnam Style by Psy

Published 9 years ago, Gangnam Style from Psy became the first video to ever hit 1 billion views. Its view count now sits at a staggering 4.3B views.

9. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

From 2014, Mark Ronson’s mega hit with Bruno Mars has so far garnered 4.4B views and counting. This energetic 80s infused video took the internet by storm, with the song being totally unavoidable for a long time.

8. Masha and the Bear – Recipe for Disaster

Episode 17 of the Russian kids entertainment series, Masha and the Bear, took off in a big way, boasting 4.46B views. The series has Russian children hooked, following the mischievous antics of Masha and her bear caretaker. This particularly episodes features a disastrous amount of porridge. Bears and porridge is kind of a classic.

7. Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm

Just a bunch of anthropomorphised, overly smily eggs teaching kids about colours. Nothing to see here. This particular video from Russian channel, Мирошка ТВ, has racked up 4.65B views, and teaches little ones 6 colours. I’ve never visited Russia, but I’m getting more and more intrigued…

6. Bath Song — CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

With 5 billion views, it’s becoming clear just how modern parenting runs. From tired guardians everywhere, thank you, YouTube. Cocomelon is one of YouTube’s most subscribed to channels, churning out brightly coloured, engaging kid-friendly content.

5. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa, featuring Charlie Puth

Another music video, this track from Wiz Khalifa, featuring Charlie Puth, has gained 5.4B views on YouTube. You’ll notice that music videos dominate the top half of this list.

4. Ed Sheeran — Shape of You

Of course Ed Sheeran was always going to feature somewhere in this list. He actually features twice in the top 20 of most watched YouTube videos. His video for Shape of You has a respectable 5.6B views so far.

3. Johny Johny Yes Papa — LooLoo Kids

Time for some more slightly disturbing musical animated kids content. Johny Johny Yes Papa is a video from 2018 which turned into a viral meme thanks to its bizarre nature.

2. Luis Fonsi — Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

If you haven’t heard this song before, honestly bravo. Released in 2017, Despacito was a serious smash hit, played endlessly on every radio station and popping up just about everywhere. It’s no surprise that the official video has a crazy 7.7 billion views.

1. Baby Shark Dance – Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs & Stories

I’m proud to say I have still never actually heard Baby Shark before, I don’t intend to change that now. But, I have heard from many friends that once you hear it, your life will basically never be the same. That’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

This video is both a music video and aimed at kids, so it was always going to top this list. At 10 billion views since its release in 2016, this video has wormed its way into people’s ears and brains with little difficulty.

If you’re feeling a little daunted by the fact that the most popular videos on YouTube are exclusively music videos from huge stars, or bafflingly popular kids’ entertainment channels, don’t panic.

Whilst these videos have freakishly high views, there are heaps of still very popular videos on YouTube that are made up of a range of different content. If you’re struggling to find your style as a content creator, it’s best to try a bunch of different things out and see what you enjoy most!