The world of content creation is broad and varied, making it difficult to decide what sort of creator you’re going to be. Here’s our guide on how to find your style!

Whether your starting out a YouTube channel with the hopes of a vlogging career, or you’re an entrepreneur looking to sell products or services, content creation is a fantastic form of marketing. However, there are a number of things to consider before you get to creating that content. If you’re a business, your branding will play a significant role in determining the type of content you create. But also, who you are as a person will factor heavily. Asking yourself how you would like to be seen by the world is an important question during the first careful steps of content creation. Our guide aims to assist you in demystifying the fledgling journey of creating content, and help you find your style.

First Thing’s First

It’s all well and good getting clued-up on what other people and businesses are doing in terms of content creation. This kind of market research is always valuable, and an undeniably smart move. Highly recommend. But, you need to do a lot of introspection as well. What do you love or hate? What are you passionate about? Do you know your current skills and strengths?

If you’re a talented animator, utilising this within your content plays on your existing strengths and instantly injects some of your personality into things. Maybe you’re not super confident when it comes to complex video editing. Whilst there are loads of useful online video editing classesSkillshare is a particularly good resource – you can opt for a simpler approach. One thing to remember is that the more you create content, the more you will learn, and your confidence will grow.

Get Inspired

During your market research and checking out other content creators, note down who catches your eye. You don’t have to like everything about someone else’s style. Just cherry-picking certain elements will help you to paint a picture of what resonates with you. Once you’ve compiled a decent list, you can start piecing things together and think about how you could replicate aspects and package them all together.

Set the Tone

Are you naturally funny? Or do you have an agenda that you’re serious about, and want to appear authoritative and professional? Of course, this doesn’t have to be something that is set in stone. There’s nothing to say that once you find your style you cannot deviate slightly. Some topics lend themselves nicely to humour, whilst others require a more serious tone.

Thinking about the aims of your content can help with this decision. If you purely intend to entertain, then a casual and comedic approach can attract the kind of audience you’re looking for. Growing a business, on the other hand, and raising brand awareness might mean a more thoughtful and business-like approach.

Be Yourself

Be careful when taking inspiration from others that you don’t lose yourself entirely. Everything you’ve seen has evidently already been done before, but there’s only one of you. Don’t be afraid to go into more uncharted territories and experiment with your own ideas. Keeping things interesting and exciting for yourself will help this excitement spill over to your viewers.

Or Don’t…

If you don’t feel comfortable putting yourself on the digital stage, so to speak, you can always create an alias for yourself. Many successful content creators play a character when appearing on camera. This can help with allaying fears of being judged or rejected, which is often a challenging hurdle to leap over when beginning any creative endeavour.

You can play a part that’s a million miles away from your usual self, or just exaggerate certain characteristics you already possess.

Set a Low Bar

This may sound like strange advice, since you of course want your content to be the highest quality it can possibly be. In the beginning, it can actually be dangerous to expect perfection right from the start. This can result in feeling deflated and discouraged.

If you’ve never created any kind of video content before, setting achievable goals sets you up for small wins. Giving yourself a pat on the back now and then will help you stay motivated and on track. Remember, everything is a learning process and doing something is the best way to get better at it!

To Sum Up

Diving into the content creation pool can be scary and exhilarating. You might find yourself splashing around frantically for a while, before you find your style as a content creator. Taking the time to ask yourself questions about your likes and dislikes, morals and aims will help you to start swimming confidently along.