YouTube certainly isn’t just funny cat videos any more; it’s a great educational online tool that can help you develop new skills. These are the game design YouTube channels to follow!

Extra Credits

Extra Credits is a channel that focusses on providing educational short-form essay videos. The channel provides a look into world history and mythology as well, but every other Wednesday is game design day. A video is releases taking a closer look into how games are made, what the meaning behind them is and how they can be improved.

Game Maker’s Toolkit

Game Maker’s Toolkit is a great channel hosted by Mark Brown, a very well-informed video game journalist. The channel takes a look at game design, level design, and game production. It is also the host of one of the world’s biggest game jams, which takes place every year. If game jams are your thing, check out the essential info for Global Game Jam 2021.

Gamer’s Companion to Music

Part of the ESVLB Gaming channel, Gamer’s Companion to Music focusses primarily on music within games and the role it plays. Videos dissect songs used in games and what makes them a great match for the game. If you’re looking for awesome music to add to your game creation, check out Synchedin‘s huge library of royalty free music. Discover heaps of ideal gaming tracks all with the sync license covered.

Ask Gamedev

Ask Gamedev is a channel consisting of gaming veterans who share their insights and knowledge around the gaming world. Videos are created to provide an honest perspective on game development, and to answer any questions viewers might have.

Snoman Gaming

Snoman Gaming is a fun channel that puts games under the microscope, analysing what makes them great. It also provides reviews of games, countdowns to releases and the “You Need to Play” series. And, a real treat, you can check out the awesome guitar covers of popular game title music and soundtracks!