When it comes to software, option paralysis is a real danger. To help with this, we’ve listed the best video editing software out there in one place!

Choice is a wonderful thing. But with so many great video editing software programs available for good prices and that meet all your needs, it can be difficult to choose. Are you looking for something cheap and cheerful, or the industry-standard software?

We hope this list will clear things up for you!

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is solidly up there as one of the best video editing programs, as an industry-leading tool that is available for both Mac and Windows. This software has everything you could possibly need for creating HD broadcasting standard video and film, and is also part of Creative Cloud meaning you can use Premiere Pro in seamless conjunction with other Adobe programs.

The nonlinear interface is flexible and user-friendly, and the ability to remove or dock windows and tabs makes it incredibly flexible to every individual’s needs. As Premiere Pro is a subscription program, it is updated automatically each month, ensuring access to great new features and updates without extra cost.

At $19.99 per month as an annual purchase, or $29.99 month to month, this software allows you to edit video to Hollywood standards without costing an arm and a leg.

Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s offering of Final Cut Pro X is another powerful industry-standard tool, that is simple enough to use for both hobbyists and professionals. Optimised for Mac, Final Cut Pro X works brilliantly with the apps within the Apple ecosystem and is available for a one-off purchase rather than monthly subscription.

Final Cut Pro X features a Magnetic Timeline, allowing editors to focus more on story relationships than timecode throughout their clips, and boasts straightforward audio editing. Generously, Apple have offered 90 days to trial this software for free, before committing to the $299.99 price tag.

Davinci Resolve

This software is an excellent choice for beginners trying their hand at video editing who do not want to commit to paying a chunk of money upfront. For absolutely no cost at all, users can take advantage of Davinci Resolve’s powerful colour correcting tools and strong audio editing capabilities. Facial recognition and tracking enables users to really dig into the detail, adjusting skin tone and eye colour, whilst the Fairlight audio editing software provides full audio post-production tools fully integrated with all your video editing work.

This software has been described by reviewers as a steep learning curve for new editors, however this is inevitable when presented with such an extensive collection of detailed and powerful editing tools.

Pinnacle Studio

Another brilliant option for beginners looking to have a go at video editing without spending an advanced amount of cash. Pinnacle Studio supports stop-motion video, motion tracking, 360 degree VR, and high quality 4k video, providing plenty of room for users to experiment and get creative.

Pinnacle Studio offers speedy rendering times, as well as professional features such as video masking and batch processing, making it a great starter option with scope to accommodate users whose skills develop.

This software comes with a 30 day free trial, giving users ample time to explore the simple-to-use tools and the helpful tutorials on the homepage ensure you can really get to grips with all the features.

Filmora X

Filmora X is intuitive and simple to use, with a wide variety of effects and filters that can be easily applied to footage, making it a great choice for those working on YouTube videos. Although it is missing some of the pro features you can find in Premiere Pro or Final Cut X, Filmora X is aimed more at those dipping a toe into video editing – with a modest price tag of $59.99 for the full version with all the features and support.


For those wanting a quick, in-browser alternative, FlexClip is a fantastic video creation and editing option. Unlike the previous software, this site offers a huge variety of read-to-use, royalty free media. Catering to a slightly different need than the other software mentioned here, FlexClip offers plenty of editing freedom to those who may not have the means to shoot their own original footage.

With the choice of a timeline or storyboard modes, users can get a feel for video editing before diving into something as complex as DaVinci Resolve.

You can create an account for free, giving you access to 480p downloads and 1 stock video per project. Paid accounts include Basic, Plus and Business, billed at  $119.88, $239.88, and $359.88 per year respectively. Paid accounts offer various privileges, including 1080p quality, unlimited stock videos per project, custom watermark, and increased Cloud space.

Adding audio to your beautifully edited video projects will give it that slick, professional, finished feel. Check out Synchedin for an amazing variety of tracks to suit all kinds of projects, with the sync license covered for just $4.99 a month!