Who knew something so mellow and chilled could whip up such a storm? You lot are loving this one right now, so it’s time for a track highlight: SohoPacific!

Pacific are a strong favourite amongst content creators worldwide. Since their track Cruisin’ was used by Fortnite 2019 World Cup winner Bugha across the majority of his YouTube videos, the duo have received massive popularity.

But, at the moment, it’s Soho – Pacific that is having its moment in the sun. Originally released in December 2019, the track is a beautifully laid back summer staple. For content creators looking for music to accompany footage of beach trips or breezy montages, this is the track for you.

This track has a few attractive features to draw you in. Maybe it’s the expertly crisp production, or could it be the addictive chill hop beats? The track is relatively minimal and spacious, giving you the instant feeling of light and sunshine. Clean, jazzy electric guitar takes centre stage, covering the melodic and harmonic aspects of the song. The hallmark of good chillhop is repetition without getting dull, which Pacific have certainly nailed with Soho.

Atmospheric vocal samples, drenched in reverb, add to the beach daze vibe of the track. When you listen to Soho – Pacific and close your eyes, what do you see? Sweeping road trip footage, awesome surf shots, relaxing crafts footage? Your latest content?

Download & Stream Soho – Pacific

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Claims Control

When subscribing to Synchedin, a benefit is having full claims control over your videos relating to any tracks you’ve used.

Recently, the claims handling of Pacific tracks has been moved over to HexaCorp. You can still use Pacific tracks in your content without having to worry! For full details about what this means for Pacific, Synchedin, and most importantly, you, check out the full article here.