With video conferences on the up and livestreaming gaining popularity, it’s important to have great lighting for webcam streams. Here’s how you can get it!

We’re all spending way more time in front of our computers right now. Whether you’re slogging away working from home and sitting through video conferences, or streaming gaming sessions on Twitch. It makes sense that you want to be seen clearly, so it’s key that you have a decent set up and quality lighting.


This is an article about lighting, yes. But, your position and general set up comes into play massively when chasing that perfect light. Firstly, you need to consider the position of the webcam itself. If you’re working with a laptop, you really want to avoid the up-the-nose shot. It’s never pretty. Elevate your laptop, either with a dedicated stand, or even just a pile of books or empty biscuit boxes (see, snacking is good).

Secondly, your general surroundings should be clean, neat and minimal. This will help to avoid any distractions, and will also give off a professional and organised impression to your audience. Clean white walls are ideal, but if this isn’t possible then this a great opportunity for a good bookshelf flex. Dig out those dusty encyclopedias, grab that untouched Dostoevsky collection, and display them front and centre.

Finally, look at where your windows are. Natural light from a window is a great source of webcam lighting. However, be sure you’re not sat with the window behind you, or you’ll turn into a silhouette in your video. You can play with the sunlight by diffusing it, if needs be.

Work With What You’ve Got

You may think that great lighting for webcam videos means splashing out on some expensive kit, but that isn’t the case. Once you’ve got your positioning sorted, you should be able to create some decent lighting with your household lights. For example, a regular desk lamp just to the side of you would create some nice soft light, illuminating you nicely for your Twitch broadcast. Keeping lights out of the shot is best, as it will reduce overpowering flares. Experiment with different spots, and you’re bound to land on something that works.

If you don’t need to use your screen during your webcam video session, you can even use your computer screen as lighting. If you’re on a PC, using a programme like MS Paint and filling the screen with yellowy or peach tones, depending on your skin tone, will provide bright light without the harshness of the glaring bluey white light of a screen. Using a document, like Google Docs, can also achieve a similar effect.

Dedicated Lighting

Of course, you can purchase tools dedicated to creating great lighting. With so many options on the market, this still doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank! One brilliant option is LED ring lighting. Popular with vloggers the world over, ring lights throw out soft, consistent light and come in a variety of sizes to suit a range of needs.

LED panel lights are great too. Similar to ring lights, they are often adjustable and come in all different sizes. You can go for a gigantic one at a higher price if you’d like to light up your whole background too, or grab a little clip on one for around $50.

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