YouTube playlists look great on a channel, but their significance is more than just aesthetic. Find out why they’re so important and why you need to be using them.

Making sure your channel on YouTube is accessible, neat and clean is key for attracting viewers. If you want to earn money through YouTube, then you need to focus on increasing views and gaining subscribers. One way of tidying up your content is by creating playlists.

At Synchedin, we’re big fans of a good playlist. We recently launched our Collections page, allowing users to make Collections, or playlists, of their favourite tracks and SFX. It means you have everything right where you need it, and it looks slick too.

But, I said that YouTube playlists do more than just tidy things up, so let me explain.

Best Foot Forward

When someone comes across your channel, they’re going to be making a snap judgement about you. We live in a digital world fuelled by instant gratification. If you want us to spend more than 20 seconds making our minds up about something, forget about it. It may sound a bit savage, but that’s just the competitive and jostling nature of the interwebs.

With playlists on YouTube, you can make sure that all your best content is displayed up top, so it’s the first thing people see. This will create an amazing, instantaneous first impression and reel viewers in.

YouTube Playlists are Bingeable

You’re lying if you say you’ve never sat down to watch one episode of something on Netflix and lost a whole evening. Autoplay is a feature that YouTube also uses on its playlists, meaning that your viewing time will be boosted by making great playlists available on your channel. You need 4,000 hours of watch time over a 12-month period in order to be eligible for money making, so you should definitely be making the most of back to back video play.

Curate what you Create

YouTube playlists are an opportunity to curate your content. Your channel might be all about cooking, and you may have a series all about making the perfect Christmas dinner. It would feel a bit strange to have these videos all mixed up with content on the best home-made snacks for summer picnics. Putting relevant videos together in dedicated playlists will help viewers to locate the content they’re looking for, as well as draw them into other content they didn’t realise they were after.

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