If you’re working on a reality TV inspired project and want the music from Love Island, we’ve got the Synchedin collection for you!

It’s become a summer British television staple. A bunch of scantily clad singletons congregate in a Spanish villa to see if they can couple up and go the distance. It hooks an enormous number of viewers every year. Whilst it is a somewhat divisive show, it’s now a firm template for sexy, drama-filled reality TV shows the world over.

We are, of course, talking about Love Island. The show responsible for turning nouns into verbs (do you even gym?) and informing British dating culture. It’s such a winning format, that it makes sense if you’re using it as inspiration for your own project. Whether you’re mocking up travel videos, or creating a podcast to discuss all things Casa Amor.

Naturally, using the music from Love Island will give your project that sunny, authentic feel. However, you need to be careful about what kind of music you use in your project. If you use the actual music from Love Island you could get mugged off.

You’ll need to use royalty free music, because otherwise you could run into some copyright issues. But, it can be difficult to find alternative music to what you had in mind, especially something so specific.

That’s where we’ve got you covered!

Love Island Music Collection

If you’re looking for music similar to the soundtrack of Love Island 2021 then you’ve come to the right place. Introducing, the Love Island Music collection.

Discover an array of pristine quality dance bangers, and energetic pounding beats for your very own romantic reality TV style content. Find tracks from fantastic independent artists like Simon Jomphe Lepine and DJ THAM. Inject some musical sunshine and a cocktail of squeaky clean audio productions into your content.

You can download unlimited tracks both from this collection and the entire Synchedin catalogue for just $4.99 per month! You decide whether you want to use the songs commercially or for personal use, the sync license has you covered.

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