Brand new to the Synchedin catalogue, it’s Philadelphia born Multi-Instrumentalist the Skating Party!

Seasoned musician Gregory James has spent his years touring the states in bands like Fantastic Planet & Ohm Brellas to working with producers Brian McTear (Kurt Vile, Dr. Dog) and Ryan & Paul Cobb (Kasabian, War on Drugs) where he has since become a staple within the Philadelphia music scene.

It was during breaks from these bands where the Skating Party was born, starting off as a means to develop songs written in the interim of touring life. Initially inspired by The Cure and Cocteau Twins, the Skating Party’s earlier records featured Prince-esque synths, vintage Linn Drum beats and hook-laden guitar lines. Since then, the project has taken a turn into the world of dream-pop, sculpting songs with reverb soaked vocals and dreamy guitar lines to great success.

Their latest release Night Ruins, which is featured in the Synchedin catalogue, is an alternative/indie record perfect for producing a retro, summer vibe to any project, royalty free.

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