We are incredibly pleased to announce the latest addition to the Synchedin catalogue, San Francisco’s very own High Sunn!

A talented songwriter from the age of 14, Justin Cheromiah began releasing his guitar driven home recordings under the moniker “High Sunn” in 2014. As the years went on, a young Justin honed his craft over a number of releases, exploring different facets of the guitar-based DIY scene to become the lo-fi guitar pop powerhouse he is today.

Entirely self-made and a proponent of keeping things “in house”, Justin brought along his friends to help him achieve High Sunn’s first full band studio record, Hopeless Romantic, which was released in 2017. The record spawned the tracks Ramen Waitress, Holding Hands & Joy of Romance, all of which can be found on his Spotify and have been a driver for High Sunns continuing success.

The past 4 years haven’t been slow for Justin, releasing another 9 full length albums of his dreamy, bedroom guitar pop that he has become much loved for. In 2021 he gave us spring’s tears, featured in our catalogue, which is a melancholic guitar driven record perfect for those more chilled out, summer days. If you’re a content creator who needs some bright, indie music to feature in your project then High Sunn will be an ideal choice to give your content that professional shine.

To find out more and to keep up to date with High Sunn you can give them a follow on their Spotify, Instagram and Facebook profiles.

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