Some masterpieces are the product of home studios and bedroom musicians. Learn how to make your own tunes with these music production classes on Skillshare!

Perhaps you fancy taking up a new pastime, or you want to make royalty free music and earn some money. Whichever it is, music production is a great thing to learn. It’s a highly creative activity, that involves not only a lot of vision, but a heck of a lot of skill.

Many decisions you make in music production will be dictated by style, taste and preference. However, there are some fundamental basics everyone needs to know in order to get started. Spanning the simple to the more complex, we’ve listed some of the best music production classes online to kick you off.

So, fire up the DAW, and get learning!


Artist and producer, Kia Orion guides newbies through the step-by-step system of hip hop music production. In this class, you will pick up the fundamentals of hip hop music production and beat making. Kia founded Beat School in 2016, giving him excellent credentials as your online teacher!

Garageband IOS: The Complete Beginners Guide

A Skillshare staff pick, this class teaches learners how to utilise a brilliant free DAW found on Apple devices. Mike Barnes, a music instructor, walks you through the basics of Garageband, demonstrating how to get the best out of it on an iPad. From recording instruments and voice, to mixing and mastering projects, this class has it all for music production novices.

Learn Sidechain Compression for Music Production

If you’re already having fun making music, but want to enhance your production abilities, then check out this class. Mikael Baggström teaches a compact lesson in compression, specifically sidechain compression. He will help you understand the concept of sidechaining, how to set it up, and how to use it in order to make your audio mixes sound more professional.

Mikael also teaches some other great classes on different aspects of production, including MIDI editing and even how to set up a home studio.

Remixing Dance Music: Digital Production Basics

King Arthur DJ, a DJ and producer (in case you hadn’t already guessed) presents this class on how to remix dance music. With song remixes proving to be an effective way to get a foot in the door in the music industry, you can pick up some invaluable tips here. Follow King Arthur DJ as he builds up a remix from scratch, designed to get spins.

It’s recommended that you have a fairly strong foundation of DAWs before embarking on King Arthur DJ’s classes.

Music Production in Logic Pro X – The Alchemy Synth

Getting a little more specific, this class looks in depth at a particular synthesizer in Logic Pro X. Tomas George is a music and audio production instructor. He will guide you through how to creatre your own synth part using Alchemy. Manipulate samples and get to grips with this synthesizer as Tomas shares over 10 years of production experience with you!