Goodbye May – hello June! To mark another month rolling by we have compiled a new Synchedin Subscriber Favourites Collection – this time for the month of May.

It’s no surprise that you guys are loving royalty free king Kevin Macleod and super suave duo Pacific, who are taking the top spots again this month. We see Eudlo, Vexento and Simon Jomphe Lepine sitting pretty amongst the most popular Synchedin artists of May too!

In the Sound Effects corner… nature ambience like rain and seaside noise is proving very popular once again! Maybe you’ve been curating playlists of relaxing sounds for sleep, or even using the natural soundscapes to add an extra layer of realism to your film or animation work?

Our library of Royalty Free SFX boasts much more than just nature ambience though! Synchedin hosts a huge variety of no copyright effects. Ranging from footsteps to rockets launching, to cartoon character voices, there’s something for everyone. Sign up today, check out the Synchedin Subscriber Favourites Collection and find the perfect copyright free audio for your content!