The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to play with new strategies. Check out these Christmas marketing ideas to boost your business this year!

Thanks to social media, growing a business through digital marketing has become much more accessible. Using platforms like Instagram to boost your brand costs nothing, and is an effective way to reach new audiences. Creating video content and utilising YouTube as a marketing tool also helps to give your business personality and engage with would-be customers.

At Synchedin, we think all year round is a great time to get creative. But, at Christmas, there’s something extra exciting about trying new things. That’s why we’ve listed 5 marketing ideas you can use at Christmas to generate some festive fun, and that all important engagement!

Festive Email Campaign Giveaway

A big part of Christmas is the giving of gifts. Why not incorporate that generous spirit into your upcoming email campaign?

Like a “12 days of Christmas” approach, but not actually 12 days (nobody likes being bombarded with emails) you periodically send out emails to members or subscribers exciting them about the giveaway. You can make entry requirements the act of leaving a review or taking a feedback survey, providing you with easy insight into customer experience.

Open Your Own Grotto

If you’re someone who sells wonderful products, you could open your own shop on Instagram, and shout about it from the snow-blanketed rooftops.

Curate your products in line with the festive season, then showcase each of them in fun grid posts or on Stories.

Get Crafty

If you’re looking for content marketing ideas, there’s nothing quite like a craft tutorial at Christmas. This works particularly well if your business centres around lifestyle, fashion, food, or drinks. However, you can get imaginative and crafty no matter what your business.

Christmas decoration tutorial videos, or delicious festive baking helps gets your audience into the holiday spirit, whilst showing off your personality.

Countdown Posts

This works well on Instagram, but could translate to other social media channels too. Scheduling a different Christmassy post in a countdown to the big day is a fun way to promote engagement, whilst helping you keep on top of your social media schedule.

You could create an Instagram advent calendar, showing off a different product each day, or sharing a fun fact relevant to your industry. If you wanted a shorter countdown, the 12 days of Christmas is a classic – just ignore the fact it isn’t actually a countdown of the 12 days before Christmas (I didn’t know that either!).

Holiday Newsletter

If you aren’t already sending out regular newsletters to your customers, you should be! This is a tried and tested marketing strategy. It keeps your audience in the loop, whilst ensuring they’re hooked on your brand.

A festive newsletter is a very simple form of Christmas marketing. Take your regular newsletter content, and add that tinsel. Share all the festive activities your business has been involved in, and, of course, wish your customers a happy holiday!