You don’t need to pay film school fees to get fantastic video editing lessons. We’ve laid out some great free online options for you!

As providers of great royalty free music for all creators to use, we at Synchedin heartily encourage creative learning and development and understand the level of detail that goes into producing amazing visual content. Whether you want to learn how to use green screen, stop motion animation, or edit vlogs for your YouTube channel, there are some fantastic online resources available.


So much more than hilarious cat videos and Charlie biting people’s fingers, YouTube plays host to some hugely informative and engaging educational content, generously uploaded and made available for free by experts in their respective industries. Channels such as Video School, Videomaker and YouTube’s on YouTube Creators channel feature tonnes of tutorials and how-to videos covering all aspects of video editing, whether beginner or advanced.


Similar to YouTube but operating on an ad-free basis, Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing platform that also boasts loads of excellent educational videos and tutorials in all kinds of areas. Vimeo has its very own Video School, full of slick video editing lessons. Users can learn things like how to make a time-lapse video to inspirational ideas for new projects.