Music possesses an incredible amount of power, but how does music affect film? Take a look with us at how it can alter the mood of a movie here!

We’ve previously talked about the importance of music in film. The absence of a soundtrack really messes with the impact of a scene, even to the point of cringe-worthiness. However, what happens when the original music is switched out for a different track? Watch this classic scene from the epic spaghetti-western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and see how you feel as the music changes.

Pretty wild how much different the scene feels, right? It goes from intense and powerful, to sorrowful, to plain ridiculous. The music almost changes what the actors’ eyes are saying, demonstrating just how influential music is on the mood of a film.

This is something worth seriously considering when you are hard at work shooting films or even just YouTube videos. Soundtracking your film well does not require a huge budget, just a keen ear. Fortunately, at Synchedin there is a huge library of royalty free music to choose from. With music to suit all moods and even a dedicated cinematic playlist, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect track for your project.