There’s no denying that music is an incredibly powerful and influential art form. Let’s take a look at why music in film is so important.

We’ve all heard that music creates atmosphere and that amazing films often have amazing soundtracks, which is why at Synchedin we believe everyone should have access to great royalty free music for their video and film projects.

Throughout study or just in conversation with friends, I’m sure the majority of us have discussed how an emotional scene in a film has really resonated with us, but it’s when those sorrowful strings kick in that the tears are well and truly jerked. Or talked about how we were brimming with excitement when the film’s protagonist overcame a major obstacle and the epic soundtrack flooded our ears. To many, it seems obvious that a film wouldn’t be half as impactful without music assisting in the storytelling, but it’s not often we actually see an example of this.

Check out this clip from Mix Minus of the classic Rocky training montage without the iconic music, and tell me you don’t feel a bit underwhelmed (and slightly amused).

And this cringe worthy clip from Spider Man 3, stripped of the infectious funky backing music.

Now just try and imagine watching an entire film like that. I think it’s safe to say that music is an incredibly important dimension of film and video, that shouldn’t be overlooked or undervalued.

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