If you’re a musician and want to know how to add your music to Instagram and Facebook for free, look no further! Check out these easy steps.

Music distribution online is vital, particularly in the current climate of pandemic restrictions and lack of live music. Making sure your music is online in as many stores and streaming services as possible should be a top priority.

Facebook and Instagram offer a music service that allows artists to share their music with the world for usage in Facebook owned services. This means that artists can have their tracks featured on Facebook and Instagram users’ videos and stories. If you fancied some easy marketing, this is a great shout, and is a totally hassle-free process.

The best way to get your music onto Facebook and Instagram is RouteNote. You can do this for free, so what are you waiting for?

RouteNote is one of our official partners, and the world’s leading digital music distribution companies. They work with hundreds of thousands of artists and labels worldwide, providing an affordable and accessible method of digital music distribution. We’re super happy to be partnered with them, as we share a lot of the same values. Why should creativity, arts and music be reserved just for those with a tonne of money?

So, how exactly do you add your music to Facebook and Instagram through RouteNote? Keep reading and you will soon find out!

Step 1.

Sign up to RouteNote.

Step 2.

Create a release, and upload your music, artwork add your metadata, and select Facebook as a store.

Step 3.

Finalize your release and select “free distribution”, then submit your content to the moderation team.

Step 4.

Wait for your release to be approved!

If your music is eligible for Facebook and Instagram, it will be available on Instagram stories within 2 weeks of your release being approved.