We’re going to show you how to make a time-lapse video using regular video footage. Fire up Premiere Pro, and let’s get to it!

There are lots of different video editing software options available to creators. One of the industry favourites is Premiere Pro from Adobe. It offers flexibility, customisation, and incredibly powerful tools, whilst being accessibly priced for creators of varying levels. That’s why we’re looking at how to make a time-lapse video using this software today.

First of all, let’s cover the basics, shall we?

What Is Time-Lapse?

For those who don’t know, time-lapse is a technique where frames are captured at a slower rate than normal (eg. 24 frames per second). These are then viewed back at a faster rate, creating the effect that time is moving faster and thus lapsing.

There are different kinds of time-lapse, with some using still photography, and others using video.

Making a Time-Lapse Video

In this article, we’re going to be looking at using video footage and creating time-lapse during the editing process.

Settings & Shooting

When shooting footage for this kind of video, you have options regarding camera settings. You could set your camera up with constant settings, so as the light and shadows change, your camera won’t adjust. This will create a slightly choppy and jarring effect in the final result. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the camera settings as you film, creating a smoother, much more clear video overall. Some cameras have the ability to auto-adjust whilst filming, such as the Lumix S1.

Once you’ve decided on settings, position your camera as if you were taking a photo. Consider things like framing and composition too. Since you’ll be speeding things up, you will need to shoot video for longer than you want the end product to be. Anywhere between 5 – 10 minutes will work.

After deciding on all this, go ahead and shoot your video.


First step is to open Premiere Pro and import your fresh video footage. Set up your Project and Sequence, then in the Project Browser, right click and select Import. Find your footage and import it. Once you’ve done this, drag it to your Timeline.

Next, you need to edit the speed and duration of the clip.

Simply right-click your click and select Speed/Duration. Enter the new duration of the clip, or adjust the Speed Percentage (increasing the number will create a time-lapse effect), click OK, and you’re finished!