Are you lucky enough to choose where you work? Check out these reasons why you should work remotely, and improve your working life!

The Covid-19 pandemic drastically changed the way we work. Forced out of packed, busy offices and sent to our dining tables… or beds (nobody’s judging). But, with restrictions easing, many of us are being afforded the choice. Also, if you’re a creative freelancer you may have been hot-desking in coworking spaces, pre-pandemic. So, if you’re weighing up whether office life or working remotely is for you, take a look at these benefits of working from anywhere.

Improved Productivity

People work in different ways. Some can’t stand silence, some get distracted by office chatter. But, even if you think the ambient sounds of a working office help you to focus, there are far more distractions. The time spent greeting colleagues, getting caught up in the kitchen, earwigging on other people’s conversations all eats into your work time.

If you’re deep into editing a video, it’s nice to get on a roll. If someone pops by your desk to ask a question, poof, your flow is gone. Working remotely at home eliminates this problem, and enables you to get into the zone.

Work/Life Balance

When you work remotely, you cut out the commute to and from work. For some people, that can be an hour in the morning and evening. Think of all the photos you could edit or vocal tracks you could mix in that time.

If you work remotely, in many cases, you’re already home when the working day is done. You can head to the pub on a Friday immediately, gaining precious hours of socialising with friends. Opting to work remotely also means you can visit loved ones who are normally out of reach. If all you need is a laptop and an internet connection, making those long overdue visits suddenly becomes possible. Just remember to be disciplined and not bunk off too much!

Healthy Habits

A long day of hard work is enough to leave anyone feel pretty exhausted. By the time you’ve caught the train home, trudged home and sat down, it can be hard to get back up. When you work at home, your lunch break opens itself up to a world of possibilities.

Suddenly, 25 minutes of cardio seems way more achievable. Making the most of the fact that you have privacy, access to a shower, and some energy left in the tank means working remotely can be great for your health. Sticking on some videos by The Body Coach and getting sweaty never fit into your work day better.

Having access to a full kitchen also aids healthier, more mindful eating. The temptation of plumping for convenience over nutrition when working in the office can be all too hard to fight. I am willing to bet that you’ve worked in an office that has a biscuit tin or similar. Working somewhere without these delicious temptations can benefit your health also. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still hoofing the biscuits back when I work from home, but if I’m paying for them, I’m taking it easier.

Save Money

Linking to previous points, the money you could potentially save from choosing to work remotely is impressive. Not having to shell out for train or bus fares, or buying fuel for the car could save you a good chunk of money every week.

Sticking to your grocery shopping and meals you’ve planned for, not a cheeky lunchtime takeaway, helps your bank account stay in the green. It’s so much more satisfying doing your work and getting paid knowing that none of the money goes towards you being able to get to work to earn that money. You know?

See the World

Perhaps the least practical but easily most exciting reason to work remotely is the opportunity to travel. The reality of this depends on the type of work you do and who you do it for. If you work for a company that gives you a good amount of freedom, what’s stopping you running off and working from a mountain top (excellent 4G connection, I’d imagine)?

Right now, travelling abroad is still a tricky one. But, in the future, you could even be tapping away on your laptop poolside! That sounds a little more appealing than being stuck indoors in a windowless office, surely?