The new handheld gaming PC has faced a flood of popularity. Steam Deck orders may not ship until at least October this year.

It was confirmed in January that Valve would finally begin shipping its first Steam Deck orders in February, after much anticipation. Affected by the chip and parts shortage, the console suffered several setbacks. The video games company has managed to deliver these first orders to regions where the handheld console became available last month.

Gamers keen to get their hands on the new gadget are required to make a reservation, paying a $5 deposit. After this, they will need to wait for an order email to then be sent out to them. Previously, Valve said it “[planned] to release new order email batches on a weekly cadence.”

New Orders

Valve just updated the Steam Deck page, outlining that new Steam Deck reservations made now will not actually be able to place an order until sometime “after Q3 2022”. The first round of orders were taken on the 25th of February, with the second and most recent round taken on Monday (7th March). Valve apparently aim to take orders every Monday, as per their original weekly Steam Deck orders goal.

The company has separated things up based on annual quarters. Last month, Valve said that anyone with a Q1 order window will get an email by the end of March. By April, they intend to start going through the Q2 window “in a similar fashion”.

In addition to its announcement about orders, Valve also revealed on Monday that it would be expading Steam Deck availability. Currently, the little gaming PC is only available in select countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. Valve said it was planning to make the Steam Deck available in more countries by the end of 2022, including Japan.

If you’ve been looking forward to trying out the Steam Deck but haven’t made a reservation yet, you may want to hurry up with that!