The BBC’s Natural History Unit is renowned for jaw-dropping imagery. Departing from that, its latest podcast offering champions nature sounds instead.

The Bristol-based department of the BBC is famous for producing favourites such as Blue Planet and Frozen Planet. These documentaries, focussing on ecology, environment, and natural wonders, are loved largely due to their ambitious and impressive cinematography. Never-before captured moments in the lifecycle of alien species have opened people up to a broader view of the planet they inhabit. As a result, an interest and fascination for the natural world has spread across generations of media consumers.

Stepping away from its reputation for dramatic drone footage and breathtaking imagery, a new series of the BBC Earth podcast embraces the sounds of the natural world.

Head of NHU, Lee Bacon has explained that it’s important to connect with younger audiences, who are less inclined to sit and watch hour-long broadcasts. “It’s our job to inspire a love of nature in younger audiences so that they become the people of tomorrow who are working to protect it.”

In order to match the standards of its visual broadcasts, the NHU has been using the latest in microphone technology to capture “unbelievable unheard sounds”. These will be used to tell incredible stories, including sounds from busy coral reefs and earthworms turning leaves into soil.

The NHU recognises that podcasts allow for more intimate storytelling. Having discussions played directly into your ears offers a very different experience from watching TV. Through the power of stories and impressively recorded nature sounds, the unit hopes to create a stronger connection between a younger audience and the natural world.

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