Recreating big bangs and detonations in a controlled environment is slightly tricky. Check out this Synchedin collection of Explosion Sound Effects, and give your project those blockbuster blasts!

Action. Whether you’re into the whole film genre, or you just want to insert a little bit of it into your next video project, you’re going to need some sound effects. If you’ve ever tried to create your own sound effects, you’ll know that producing explosion sounds that are convincing isn’t the easiest. The same can be said for creating fire sound effects. If you’ve got the time and resources, it’s loads of fun to try. But, busy creators and filmmakers rarely get the chance.

Not having time to create everything from scratch doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality, however. There’s no point putting effort into your special effects, animation, or cinematography, if you’re not going to match it in the audio department. Synchedin is here to help you nail the Foley, without blasting a hole in your budget.

Explosion Sound Effects

One of our latest collections, the Explosion Sound Effects playlist encompasses the whole gamut of devastating detonations.

It’s important, as with any sound effect, to match the sound with the visual as closely as possible. To that end, we’ve got a broad range of effects, from underwater rumblings, to distant whooshes, to extreme eruptions.

If you need some inspiration, this video from FilmIsNow Action Movies showcases some of cinema’s finest explosion scenes.

Without explosive sounds, action can fall flat. If you’re aiming for the big budget type effect, then you can layer sounds to create a bigger result. The beauty of doing this is that it won’t cost you a penny more!

With Synchedin, one sound effect subscription gets you access to unlimited downloads. Use as many sounds as you want in a project, and achieve the perfect desired effect.

Sign up to Synchedin today, and start building your biggest and best explosions for your next video project!