Netflix has started testing its Fast Laughs feature, a stream of curated comedy clips, on its TV app. Learn more about it right here!

Last March, Netflix launched a TikTok-like scrollable feature on its mobile app for iOS users. Encouraging users to spend more time with Netflix, whilst taking advantage of our addiction to short form content, the company made its move to reel users back in during the height of the pandemic. The platform experienced huge growth at the start of the pandemic, but suffered a slowdown at the start of 2021. By offering users a thread of comedy snippets, the aim was to encourage users to watch more Netflix content.

Fast Laughs is made up of content you can watch on Netflix, and not user-generated content, like TikTok. The videos are up to 30 seconds long, and showcase the funniest stuff you can find on Netflix – according to the staff who pick it, at least.

Rather than an algorithm deciding what snippets you see, the whole thing is curated by Netflix employees. Because of this, Fast Laughs might not be as fast as it sets out to be. However, it could mean users stumble upon shows that would otherwise have not flown onto their radar. Algorithms and recommendation systems can become pretty dull and stale after a while, so this method of advising viewing options may actually be refreshing.

To navigate Fast Laughs, you can use arrows on either side of the screen to skip forward or go back. There will also be the option to add titles that tickled you to your List, ready for you to watch later. The mobile version of the app’s equivalent to this is the LOL button, which allows you to add content to your List in a slightly more interactive fashion. If something really grabs you, you can dive straight into the full version of the show from Fast Laughs.

You might have to wait before you can peruse the best comedy Netflix has to offer. The TV feature is being gradually rolled out to select English-speaking countries, including US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. There isn’t much more information on how many people will be involved in this test, or if Fast Laughs will be made available to everyone.