Yearning and introspection makes us human. We celebrate this with this week’s Synchedin Spotlight; the gossamery f l o w e r s by FARE.

FARE is the solo, bedroom project of ambient/folk musician Christina Smith. Now based in Bristol, she began making music in Falmouth in 2016. Inspired by artists such as Grouper, Told Slant, Big Thief, and Keaton Henson, FARE’s lyrics are delicate and honest. A thoughtful approach to her music making is revealed, her voice accompanied by minimal ambient guitar loops.

Ambient guitar is exactly what you get in the opening seconds of f l o w e r s. Drenched in reverb, layers of gently picked clean electric guitar form the soft foundations of this track. Multiple vocal tracks create a sense of lightness and space within the production. The slightly loose layering of the vocals invokes the feeling of a busy mind, something incredibly familiar and relatable for an introverted soul.

The lyrics are all rumination. Heartfelt, sincere thoughts, yet Smith manages to convey them with a beautiful tenderness. Yearning for sunnier times gone by, and the affectionate touch and presence of another. The track builds as the vocals grow more pronounced and strong, and the reverberant layers also gain strength.

f l o w e r s feels like floating on your back in a swimming pool, dappled in sunlight pouring in through a high up window. You can hang onto this sensation by checking out more of FARE on Spotify or SoundCloud. Stay up to date with any new music and announcements by following on Instagram and Facebook.