It’s Friday, which means another Synchedin Spotlight! This week’s top pick is the gorgeous and comforting On The Moon by Coolum.

Highly skilled in creating delicately crafted chilled beats, Coolum fills your ears with beautiful, soulful melodies. Coolum’s tracks are available to listen on Spotify and the Synchedin library. An incredibly worthy Synchedin Spotlight pick, On The Moon features luxuriously smooth, bright vocals and a beat that sits solidly in the pocket. A calmly arpeggiated bassline creates gentle movement, guiding you through the relaxing flow of the track. As a result, you arrive at each melodious chorus feeling as if you’ve sunk deeper and deeper down into this aural bubble bath.

Keep up to date with the latest releases from Coolum on their Soundcloud, Instgaram or the Synchedin catalogue!