Looking to add tension to your content? Throw in some riser sound effects! If you’re not sure what they are, we can break it down for you.

It’s easy to think that creating video is solely about filming content, capturing audio and editing it to produce the final product. Whilst that can be true in some cases, there is a lot more that goes into it. If you’re looking to create professional seeming content that has impact and grips your audience, you need to consider sound effects.

Adding sound effects and Foley to video content is what gives it that extra dimension and brings the visual to life. Something as simple as footstep sound effects or the ambient murmur or rustling trees can transport a viewer in the world you’re creating.

Even if you’re creating vlogs for YouTube, rather than casting cinematic magic, you need to pay attention to sound design. Whether you use it seriously or for comedic effect, it all helps to give your content that polished feel. When it comes to instilling a certain feeling or creating an atmosphere, there are different types of sound effects for different moods. We’re going to be looking at riser sound effects here.

What Are Riser Sound Effects?

Riser sound effects are perfect for creating tensions, and often used to reinforce uncomfortable or spooky atmospheres. Generally, risers are synth sounds that gradually go up in pitch. They also work well in electronic music for adding a sense of urgency.

You’d probably recognise risers in most horror films. They create nail-biting tension, and can be short and sharp, or painfully long and gradual. Check out the video below for some perfect examples of blood-curdling riser sound effects.

Where to Find Riser SFX

So, if you’ve been wondering what that missing piece in your video content is, and you’ve figured out it’s risers, then here’s where you can find some.

We’ve got a brand-new Synchedin collection to solve all your tension-lacking problems. Providing just what it says on the tin, the Riser Sound Effects collection features a wide variety of electronic risers. Whether you need some horror movie sound design, or you’re looking for suspenseful intro sounds for vlogs, this collection is for you.

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