Razer has announced its latest venture, Project Hazel; a smart face mask that amplifies the wearer’s voice and more. Find out about it here!

Razer unveiled new plans at technology trade show CES for a high tech face mask designed to improve communication between wearers. This comes as a response to the current COVID-19 pandemic that is still causing life altering measures to be taken around the globe. One of these measures is the wearing of face masks to prevent transmission of the virus.

Everyone seems to have their own preference by now, from fabric used to the shape. You can even get hold of designer face coverings, like Billie Eilish’s bejewelled Gucci affair worn to the 2020 Grammy Awards. But, make way for a new kind of mask. The smart face mask.

Not yet available for purchase, Razer’s new creation is purported to be a surgical N95 respirator. Meaning it boasts high bacterial filtration and is resistant to large droplets. Along with this, the detachable ventilator regulates airflow and is capable of filtering 95% of airborne particles. With a transparent design, allowing the wearer’s mouth to be visible, this mask ensures “seamless social interaction”. Have you done more of the “nodding and smiling cluelessly” in the last year than your whole life, as a mask-wearer mumbles inaudibly at you? Razer is here to fix that. Built-in microphone and amplifier technology ensures your speech isn’t muffled whilst you’re covered. Furthermore, the mask features “low-light mode”, allowing your mouth to be seen during darker hours. If you’re thinking this sounds heavy and uncomfortable, Razer have given the design thicker straps to take pressure off of your ears.

Since the wearing of face masks has come in, it has been noted that there are issues regarding sustainability. Disposable masks are often seen discarded in the streets, not to mention the amount of harmful resources required to keep up with demand. Razer’s smart face mask has been designed with sustainability in mind. The ventilators can be swapped for newer ones, and also have a long-lasting battery life. The mask itself is made from hard wearing, recycled materials. It can be fast charged wirelessly, with coloured light indicators letting you know the battery’s progress. Cleverly, whilst charging the mask is sterilised with UV-light, meaning it is always ready to go. Definitely no need for chucking this one in the bin, or even the wash!

Razer is still undertaking rigorous testing of this mask. But hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before getting access to this futuristic public health innovation.

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