May the 4th be with you this Star Wars Day! Check out the Synchedin collection, Inspired by Star Wars for your own sci-fi creations.

It is once more that day to fully nerd out over everyone’s favourite sci-fi fantasy franchise. Last year, we enjoyed some archived Star Wars goodies, shared by the BBC. This year, we wanted to make it easier for you to create your very own Star Wars inspired content. Whether you’re working on a full feature film as an indie filmmaker, or you want to make your YouTube videos a bit intergalactic, we have the collection for you.

Sound Effects

So much of the magic and wonder in Star Wars comes from the sound design. The signature swishes of lightsabers and “pew pew” of weapons helps to immerse you in the action. Without it, things fall a little flat. If you’re struggling to imagine what that would even be like, take a look at this slightly awkward feeling video.

Actually, there are still some sound effects and Foley included in this video. But, the minimal usage of sounds is enough to completely remove any sci-fi excitement. So, definitely don’t skip on the sound effects when it comes to your own videos.

Add zaps and beeps and boops to your video, or create ambience with white noise and stratospheric fuzz. All of this can be found in the Inspired by Star Wars collection.

Star Wars Music

Nothing creates atmosphere or sets the tone like music. Whilst you might not be able to use the instantly recognisable soundtrack by John Williams in your Star Wars inspired content, there are other options. This collection is full of fantastic royalty free tracks that you can use to help tell a story or reinforce a feel.

With tracks from artists like Borrtex, Alex Doan, and Kevin MacLeod, you’ll be able to achieve that cinematic excitement, but not spend Hollywood money.

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