Joining video livestreaming giant, Synchedin is now on Twitch! Showcasing amazing royalty free music with livestreams every Friday.

At Synchedin, we’re all about providing the highest quality royalty free music to give your Twitch streams some musical background goodness. Because of this we thought, “why not get involved?” So, we set up our very own Twitch channel. If you need a soundtrack whilst you work, game or relax then check out our weekly livestreams. Tracks from our vast catalogue will be played, plus that week’s Synchedin Spotlight pick.

Last week saw the first ever Synchedin Spotlight, highlighting our top track of the week from the Synchedin catalogue. Sizzle Bird’s “Keep On Loving” shone last week, with its lyrical saxophone and pounding beats. Our spotlighted track this week is the ultra chilled “On the Moon” by Coolum.