Introducing Synchedin Spotlight – highlighting our favourite new track of the week. Every Friday we’ll be hand-picking a fresh new tune to take you into the weekend, kicking off with Keep on Loving by Sizzle Bird!

Ot Moruno-Bird (AKA. Sizzle Bird) is a London based violinist with a background in classical music. He is a self releasing artist, who gained success throughout the 2010s with Jaguar sponsoring the tracks “Leaves” for an ad campaign on SoundCloud.

Sizzle Bird creates predominantly instrumental tracks, featuring an exciting blend of electronic drum beats and more classical instrumentation. Enjoying creative freedom, Sizzle Bird creates a variety of music – from uplifting electronic bangers to more mellow, heartfelt songs.

Keep On Loving marries soulful saxophone with stabbing acoustic guitar and powerful synth sounds. Relentless motion is created through the addictive arpeggiated synth and pumping drum and bass-like beat. Clever layering and creation of tension and release makes this track ideal for use in full or sections over a range of videos. The high energy level means Keep On Loving is perfect for action footage, workout videos or high octane tutorials.

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