What’s the use in having fantastic video if the sound sucks? Here’s the ideal audio setup for YouTube videos with perfect sound!

As a content creator just starting out, you’re probably all too well aware that YouTube is a crowded place. Even if you’ve found a very unique niche to base your channel on, the execution needs to be top-notch. Viewers care about the quality of the content they watch, almost as much as the content itself.

Videography and thoughtful filming plays a much more significant role in the popularity of videos now. Gone are the days of shaky handheld footage being a vlogging staple. Audiences want attractive, bright visuals and crisp, clear audio.

Understandably, not all video content published on YouTube is filmed in a studio, or a stationery setup. Let’s take a look at the best audio setup for YouTube videos of varying natures.


If you intend on creating video content in one place, you free yourself up to use pretty much anything you like. In a controlled setting, you do not have to worry about portability or nuisance ambient sounds, like gusts of wind.

In this case, the polar pattern of a mic doesn’t matter quite as much. However, if you want nicely focussed in on audio, a lightweight shotgun mic like the Rode┬áVIDEOMIC GO is a good option. This mic comes as part of many fantastic beginner vlogger kits, and is a fuss-free, effective choice. It’s also wonderfully affordable, which is perfect for content creators just dipping their toes.

Placing the microphone as close to you as possible will enable you to capture the best audio possible, though. Fortunately, you can purchase a boom kit for this handy little shotgun mic.

On The Go

Although you could rely on camera mounted microphones when recording video out and about, you risk picking up a lot of unwanted noise. This particularly applies to vloggers documenting their mini adventures around the markets of London, for example.

To tackle this obstacle, the lavalier mic is a reliable and trusty vlogging staple. Versatile in where they can be attached, and easily hidden if you don’t like the look, they’re ideal for creators on the move.

Again from Rode, the SmartLav+ is one of the best choices for vloggers. It’s super high quality, whilst being beautifully compact and dynamic. Its multi-level capsule picks up sound from all directions, whilst a foam pop shield prevents any harsh plosive sounds or friction.

All Rounder

If you find yourself shooting videos all over the place, you may find a portable recorder suits you best. These are a solid solution if you want the detailed audio quality of a studio mic, with the flexibility of a lavalier or smaller microphone.

We recently discovered the little gem that is the Tula Mic. This portable device also works as a USB mic, and is super straightforward in terms of its functionality. With the option of cardioid and omni-cardioid polar patterns, this mic really opens up the situations it can work in. Check out our review below!