Eyelids heavy under the weight of mince pies and mulled wine? This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is Christmas Nap by Dizolve, Little Dumpling, Cloudy Cat!

All you want for Christmas is lo-fi beats, you say? Well, that’s lucky. This week’s Synchedin Spotlight is a warm and shimmering instrumental, produced by a collective of expert lo-fi aliases.

The immediate appearance of glistening jingle bells acts as the hallmark Christmas indicator. Harmonious synth pads and bass synth gently swell into the track, providing an almost cinematic element to the piece. Broken chords from the piano enter, giving a more traditionally festive feel to Christmas Nap. At only a few seconds in this track is already brimming with the sentimentally so strongly synonymous with the holiday season.

Once these layers have been built, the driving rhythmic force is introduced by way of electric drums. A wash of reverb means the beat feels suitably soft, in keeping with the rest of the instruments. The sounds come off almost wood-like and natural, emphasising the feeling of being dropped into the middle of a glittering, snow-covered forest.

The drums and piano drop out, bringing the twinkling glockenspiel to the foreground. A rounded melodic synth sound repetitively mimics the glockenspiel in movement. The image of gleaming stars in the wintry night sky is vividly conjured.

With the beat reintroduced, we are driven towards the close of the track. The deep bass synth provides a heft and heaviness that brings an undeniably cosy atmosphere to the track. The familiar piano part rejoins the mix as well, filling out the airy space. Hopping between chords gives Christmas Nap a jovial, playful energy to an otherwise soporific song.

Christmas Nap is the perfect track to accompany any Christmas craft tutorials on YouTube, or any holiday montage footage. Head to the Synchedin library to discover more from Dizolve, Little Dumpling, and Cloudy Cat today!