Sony has announced investment and partnership with Discord, as it looks to integrate the chat app with its own PlayStation social tools. Get all the known details here!

If you’re someone who enjoys gaming, the chances are that you’ve used Discord. The gaming-focussed chat software supports informal and familiar communication between individuals or groups. Although hugely popular and beloved, the software itself doesn’t actually turn a huge profit.

Recently, talks were held between Discord and Microsoft, regarding the acquisition of the software. A $10bn offer was made, but talks have since ended with no sale taking place. Discord stated it would more likely go public than sell altogether.

But, Sony has now come in as an investor in the chat app. The stake Sony has taken in the company is so far unknown, and details are pretty sparse as yet. The most heard on the topic has been that the two companies plan to “bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile starting early next year.”

Anything further to this is speculative at this time. However, it would seem that the integration of Discord into PlayStation will be more significant than the previous pairing with Xbox. We may see a fully-fledged Discord app appearing on PlayStation consoles, or it may be a case of linking PlayStation and Discord accounts.

More information regarding the partnership will be announced in the coming months.

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